Weeklong 2nd Year Anniv Special: The Evolution of “The Other Side of Mae”

I admit, I am not that much of a techie until I tried to discover how to create a blog.  Since my idol, Patty Laurel uses blogger as a tool for her blog, I also tried to use it.  At first, I found it very hard navigating where to go and what to do, much more that it is in Filipino.  This is no offense to our national language but I find some Tagalog words super deep in my understanding.  Gladly, Patty replied to my tweet and gave me tips in getting started with blogger!

So here goes my first website design – the Watermark template:

The Other Side of Mae 2011 Look
As a newbie, this is the simplest thing I could ever offer.  So why did I decide the title to be “The Other Side of Mae”?  It is so because I would just like to unfold the hidden part of my being.  I want to expose my thoughts and my feelings.  As a person, I am not really vocal.  I don’t say much, I don’t talk much, I don’t speak much, I don’t argue much.  But when I write, I couldn’t stop my fingers from tapping my keyboard.  Words just flow and flow out from my mind and that’s the time that I speak my mind!  That’s the time that my feelings would come out to the open!  That’s the time that I can express everything and when I say everything, it is indeed everything!  So in this blog, I am not the usual person that you actually see.  For in this blog is the other side of me coming out from the shell!

For the first year anniversary of this blog, I opted to change its look for something new and modern.  So I tried the Dynamic View template and here it is:

The Other Side of Mae 2012 Look
With this look, I had garnered more page views!  With this look, I had posted more often.  From posting only once a week the previous year, I had managed to post at least twice a week!  And this look also gave me blog readers who are my inspiration in writing and posting more beautiful stories!

Finally, for this second year anniversary, I chose something to describe what my blog is all about.  I chose something to remind me of my vision on what my blog posts should be.  So here it is:

The Other Side of Mae 2013 Look

From now on, I would refrain from posting bad and sad news, negativity issues, and my rants!  (Not that I always do.)  It is just that, in this world where problems just arise here, there, and everywhere, I don’t wanna add up to a person’s burden.  So my goal is to post stories of positivism, something to make you smile, and something for you to know that life is worth celebrating!  I owe it to my 1,785 Facebook friends, 426 Instagram followers, 98 Twitter followers, 20 Google+ followers, and 3 Blogger followers if I won’t share only the good and beautiful things to them!

Truly, this site has evolved into something better.  But what’s with the profile picture if you might ask.  Why did I bring it back to this blog’s 2013 look?  Well, that pose simply tells it all.  It symbolizes the real other side of me!  It just explains my inner goddess waiting to be discovered!

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