Whimsical Wednesday: My SG Top Picks

Whimsical Wednesday shows my fancy in a myriad of beautiful things.

There are places that once I see and experience, I would not want to go back again.  It’s either I don’t like it or I really made most of my time there that I already had my fill.  But there are also places that once I see and experience, I would want to go back again and again!  It’s either I super like it or I really just couldn’t get enough of it.  And one of my most fave places on earth is none other than SG!

For my nth time visit in Singapore, I could say that it is now a place I frequent.  It is not that I’m boasting here or what.  It is just that I am so privileged enough to have had an aunt who gifted me with my first SG tour, cousins who invited us for company, and of course, a sister who would just summon us for sleep-overs!  Since 2005, it has been la dolce vita ala SG!

So what’s with SG that keeps me coming back?  For years of SG-ing, I’ve come up with these SG top picks of eat, pray, and love!


Laksa – still nothing beats Katong laksa for my taste buds!  There is nowhere in the Philippines that I can find something like this.  Even me, I once tried out a simple laksa recipe courtesy of Del Monte Philippines’ Kitchenomics but never did I taste something like the Singaporean laksa does.  Its playful flavors are just so perfect that I keep on missing ‘coz I can only taste it there!

laksa singapore


Buddha Tooth Relic Temple – I maybe a Christian but I do believe that there is no religion that can save us!  For me, salvation comes with a proper relationship between you and your Creator.  So no matter what god (Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or Shiva) you are believing in, you yourself is the one liable for your salvation.

In my case, I’m getting fond of visiting this Buddhism temple in SG.  Why?  It’s because they have these Buddha paper prayers and wishes kind of thing.  I tested it the first time I went there and my wish got granted!  For my second time, I wished for guidance on what to do with my life then I got Fascino!  Then there came my third wish, fourth,  and so on.  Maybe for my next visit, I’m gonna wish for my love life.  Am I already ready for that?  Jeez!!!

buddha tooth relic temple4


Light and Fountain Shows – may it be in Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, or Suntec City.  SG has the most magnificent and spectacular fountain shows ever!  Every time I go there, there is always something new!  These never bore me and these still surprise me until this matured age of mine.  I can fall in love with them over and over again for they tell about life and living it to the fullest!  They bring to life all my wishful thinking of appreciating the beauty of life despite the odds its giving!

light and fountain show singapore

Photo from Web

Indeed, I can consider SG as my second home.  I’m even more acquainted with all the corners there than our capital city, Manila!  Not to mention, I also feel confident in walking there than walking down the streets of Manila.  It’s not just I don’t love our own country.  It’s just that, I wish that our country can also be as clean, as peaceful, and as disciplined as Singapore!

For those who did not know that I just came from SG, there ain’t no pasalubongfor you but you may win these SG trinkets!

singapore trinketsJust

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