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Hong Kong Disneyland is not just some ordinary theme park where you could only take a 360-degree turn in just an hour.  But Hong Kong Disneyland is vast, wide, colossal, enormous, (and all the adjectives in the world) where every corner of it entails you to a world of amazing and incredible surprises!  So to begin our Hong Kong Disneyland day tour, grab these disneyssentials at the entrance gates as your passport to a fun-filled magical Disney day:


Guide Map, Times Guide, and Dining and Shopping Guide
The guide map gives you all the information you need to know in getting around Hong Kong Disneyland.  It has a list of all attractions for you to be guided according to what you prefer the most.  For the all-time Disney lovers and kids at heart, Fantasyland would surely make your Disney fantasy come into reality.  In here you will find the Sleeping Beauty Castle, Fantasy Gardens, and Snow White Grotto.  Safe fun rides for kids are also around like Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Cinderella Carousel, and Mad Hatter Tea Cups.  These are just the simple rides that my guts can tolerate.hongkong disneyland

Aside from these, you can also take a journey inside “it’s a small world” and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh wherein you can see everything pleasing to the eyes.

hongkong disneyland2
Next stop to the itinerary is the Adventureland.  Now this is definitely for boys!  You can cross the Rivers of Adventure through the Rafts to Tarzan’s Treehouse.  Once there, climb up to Tarzan’s Treehouse wherein you can conduct experiments and play musical instruments the primitive way.  Or just enjoy the Jungle River Cruise or better yet, sway to the beat of Liki Tikis.

hongkong disneyland3
Then off we go to the Grizzly Gulch!  Now this is the home of the wildest ride ever – the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars.  This crazy roller coaster ride is far beyond the ordinary ‘coz you will not just go up, down, upside down, and turn around, but you’ll also go backwards!  As in literally backwards that would definitely jolt up your spirit and stir your intestines ’round!  For the faint-hearted, this ride is a sure no-no.  So just try the Geyser Gulch instead.  Well, that’s just a water fight kind of thing with a twist.

hongkong disneyland4

To slow down a bit from the aforementioned adventures, a tour to the Mystic Point would be great enough.  Take snapshots at the Garden of Wonders and enter Lord Henry’s Mystic Manor wherein you can find antiquities from around the world.

hongkong disneyland5
Now if you’re up to more extreme rides, don’t miss to visit the Toy Story Land!  Andy would be more than happy to lend his toys to you.  You can drop from the sky at Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, get dizzy at Slinky Dog Spin, or fuck up your internal organs (according to my student Kezzia) at RC Racer.  But if you’re not the ride-all-you-can type of person, just meet and greet your fave toys at the Barrel of Fun.

hongkong disneyland6
Then we head back to Main Street, U.S.A. for the Flights of Fantasy Parade.  (See schedule at Times Guide)  After the parade, you may learn to draw your fave Disney characters at the Animation Academy or cruise up or down Main Street through the classic Main Street Vehicles.  Shops are also located wherein you can buy Disney souvenirs for your loved ones left at home.

hongkong disneyland7hongkong disneyland8

Lastly, let’s take a look at Tomorrowland while waiting for Disney in the Stars Fireworks.  (See schedule at Times Guide)  For those who are fond of extreme rides, another roller coaster awaits you here which is theSpace Mountain.  You may also take Orbitron and Autopia or have fun with the interactive show, the Stitch Encounter and play interactive games at UFO Zone and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

hongkong disneyland9
Aside from the seven wonder lands, rides, and attractions of Hong Kong Disneyland, there are also theater shows that would get your soul connected to the wonderful world of Disney.  The Times Guide will tell you the schedule and venue of the shows.  On top of the list is The Golden Mickeys.  This show is a musical celebration of Disney’s films and characters.  This is definitely a must-see especially to Disney babies like me.  The stage play is jsut so amazing with live performances of Quasimodo, Tarzan, Ariel, Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, Woody and Jessie, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse of course, and my ever favorite Belle and the Beast (before and after turning into a handsome prince).

hongkong disneyland10
If there is a live performance, there’s also a 3-D show which is Mickey’s PhilharMagic.  It tells of the funny plight of Donald Duck into the world of Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and others.

hongkong disneyland11

In addition, the Festival of the Lion King is also presented in honor of Simba.  The much-awaited part of the show is the graceful ballet execution of the Spirit Bird which is being portrayed by a Filipina.

hongkong disneyland12
Of course, you will get hungry while strolling around Hong Kong Disneyland and the Dining and Shopping Guide now comes in very handy.  Know the food points beforehand so you’ll not run out of sugar as you take in the sights of the spectacular fireworks display in the evening.

hongkong disneyland13

To wrap up your Disney day, the Disney in the Stars Fireworks is the perfect show to watch and experience!  Click here for a preview on what you’re going to see and feel once you’re in there!

And that ends our Hong Kong Disneyland day tour.  You may also spend one more day at the park and check-in at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel or Disney’s Hollywood Hotel to continue the enchantment.  If I had the extra money to splurge, I would have died not to.  But for a babe in a budget, a day in Disney is already more than enough!  Now if you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, take these helpful tips to make your visit a wise one:

1.  Do not queue for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse pictorial at the entrance.  You will find other Mickey’s and Minnie’s in meet and greet points around the park.  This took us almost two hours and that’s already a big chunk of time being wasted.

hongkong disneyland14

2.  Do not be late for shows because they do fill up too quickly.

3.  To save time, use the Disney’s Fastpass so you won’t wait longer time queuing.

4.  Entire party must queue up together.  If your companion will not line up with you, he/she cannot overtake when it’s already your turn.  One person to queue means one admission only.

5.  Enter all portals to all attractions and theater shows for these are already included in admission.  Make the most out of your time in Hong Kong Disneyland!
6.  When in Hong Kong, stay at Oi Suen Guesthouse and buy your Hong Kong Disneyland tickets there at 30 HKD off!  For more information about Oi Suen, visit their website here.

More blog entries to come on our HK-Macau family vacation! 🙂

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