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I first visited a Bubble Tea store in Cebu with my Junior Griffins way back 2012.  The place was cool, filled with youngsters and I didn’t know that food is also served aside from the fun drinks until my high school classmate and friend, Grakkie invited me for dinner at Ayala Centrio during my sojourn in CDO.  She brought me to Tokyo Bubble Tea and I was wowed by the comfort food the place offers!

To start with, we had an appetizing salad of romaine lettuce, cucumber, corn kernels, ham, and pineapple for that Hawaiin twist!  The dressing was just right, not too rich but still creamy and flavorful.  It’s a bit garlicky by the end which gives the salad a taste to stay in the palate.

Next was the maki.  I was surprised to see a maki not rolled in seaweed and only a small slice of seaweed is placed on top.  Hehe…. Or was I just ignorant not knowing all the variations of maki or maybe this wasn’t maki at all.  Lol!  Anyway,  this one’s very good as sushi/maki/kimbap are to me!  Whatever variations, I could eat 25 pieces so watch out for my next post on how to make this in your own kitchen!  And we scream, we want wasabi more!!!!

Now to our main courses, bibimbap for Grakkie and fish cake in ginger sauce for me.  Grakkie was so generous to have my share of her bibimbap and boom!  Korean flavor exploded in my mouth reminding me of the kimchi I hurriedly devoured in Waterfront Cebu way back 2005 when I was still inexperienced with international cuisine thingy.

And for my fish cake, I loved the ginger sauce together with the pickled ginger, the pinkish red flower thingy in the photo below.  Thanks to Grakkie for introducing this to me.  Good thing I asked too so I won’t be ignorant with Japanese and Korean cuisine again.  Haha!  But we missed the authentic Korean resto she was bragging about.  Let’s just have it for my next visit, Grak! 🙂

Thank you so much again, Grakkie for this Fridate and for assisting me around the city!  Also watch out for our other food adventure with Ruth only here on The Other Side of Mae!

Visit Tokyo Bubble Tea for lovely bubbly food! 🙂 #tosomeats #tosomfeatures

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