Be Aware and Fight Psoriasis

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Noticed that reddish spot in your skin that itched?  As you scratch it, it flakes up and eventually becomes bigger.  Then the other skin areas are also affected.  It is painful and is really itchy.  Beware!  That might be psoriasis!

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease of the skin caused by the abnormal reaction of the immune system to existing cells.  This body defence mechanism sees such cells as pathogens and attacks them.  As a result, reddish and whitish plaques appear on skin and in no time, would develop into dry scales.  That is psoriasis.  A very itchy and uncomfortable disease you would never want to have.

Since psoriasis is really itchy, you tend to scratch it.  And once you do, it may flare up and bleed.  It is like having open wounds all over your body.  And though psoriasis is noncontagious, people will still look at you as an eye sore.  It lowers your self-esteem that hinders you to function well as a person.  Psoriasis is such a shameful disease so how can we treat it?

Photo from Web
Photo from Web

Through years of study, psoriasis can now be treated through proper medication.  There are drugs that can be taken orally to control its action.  Aside from that, there are also creams that can be applied to minimize the itchiness.  All you have to do is to go to the right person and place to solve your problem.

Indeed, psoriasis is a rare disease and only experienced physicians can attend to it.  Also, psoriasis medicines are not readily available in most drug stores.  So better ask for professional help first before taking any actions to cure it or it might worsen.

You may also avoid getting psoriasis attacks by taking care of your health properly.  If you already have the disease, refrain from exposing yourself to direct sunlight and freezing cold weather.  Avoid getting skin injuries and infections.  Taking ample amounts of calcium and Vitamin D would help too.  Moreover, stay away from stress!  That is the number one thing that triggers psoriasis.  So be informed and fight psoriasis!  For who would not want a flawless skin to flaunt?

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