How I Made my Blog Profitable through Tom and Anna Rogers’ Blogging Fast Lane Course

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Disclaimer: This is not a get rich quick scheme. The methods that are shared here definitely work, but how much wealth you create depends on how determined, committed, and willing you are to make them work.

I have a passion for writing. I process my thoughts and feelings through writing. I started my blog in 2011 as an outlet to express myself more freely. I have it as an online public diary and I feel fulfilled every time friends and family read me. 

However, people are asking me if I’m earning through my blog. The answer is, nada. My intention was only to write and limited myself with the belief that I cannot be at par with bigtime bloggers out there.

Suddenly, I came to a realization. I have been spending a lot of time and energy on my blog. Yes, it is helping me with my expressive writing but why not make it as an avenue to earn extra income too? Blindly, I’ve been keeping my blog without making the most out of it for 12 years until I stumbled upon Tom and Anna Rogers in January 2022, my first winter here in Toronto. This active young couple opened my eyes that I can also earn as a blog keeper.


Get to Know Tom and Anna

Tom, hailing from the UK, worked as a waiter, while Anna, a former teacher from the Philippines, creates the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator course. Their paths crossed during a vacation in Vietnam, leading to a blissful marriage.

Interestingly, neither of them had any prior knowledge of blogging. Yet, embarking on the journey of starting a travel blog, unknowingly transformed their lives forever.

Now, they’re eager to guide you in creating your dream life, just as they successfully did. Watch the YouTube video below.

What is the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator Course

The Blogging Fast Lane (BFL) Accelerator course is a full-packaged course if you want to start blogging from scratch. But whether you’re taking your first steps or already a seasoned blogger, this course stands out as an excellent choice to fast-track your journey to earning. Providing comprehensive guidance for both novices and experienced bloggers, the Blogging Fast Lane ensures you’re set up for success from day one. With their thorough approach, this course truly stands out as one of the best options for beginners entering the world of blogging.

The BFL Modules

The Blogging Fast Lane course is composed of the following modules:

Start Here (8 lessons)Within this module, they pave the way for your success by familiarizing you with an array of tools and strategies available throughout the course.
Module 1: Funnel Foundations (12 lessons)In this module, they guide you in shaping the future vision of your blog. From identifying your unique niche (“blue ocean”) and creating your ideal reader avatar to steering clear of social media pitfalls and establishing clear blogging goals, they cover it all.
Module 2: Affiliate Mastery (15 lessons)Within this module, they provide a comprehensive introduction to affiliate marketing, offering essential insights into the specific actions required for successful blogging. Alongside this, they generously share their secret affiliate black book, a treasure trove of affiliate offers spanning various niches, ensuring you’re well-equipped for success.
Module 3: Search Omnipresence (25 lessons)This module guides you through the ins and outs of SEO, covering crucial aspects like on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and effective keyword research.
Module 4: Trust Marketing (15 lessons)Within this module, they assist you in establishing your email marketing campaign, fostering a sense of trust with your audience.
Bonus: 7-Day Launch Plan (10 lessons)An action plan to launching your very own website in as fast as 7 days.
Bonus: WordPress Made Simple Video Vault (22 lessons)A complete guide on how to optimize the use of WordPress aka WordPress hacks.
Bonus: Blog Branding Kickstarter Pack (5 lessons)A set of instructions on how to brand your blog efficiently.
Bonus: How to Use AI for Your BlogIntroducing AI (artificial intelligence) and how to use it wisely.
Bonus: Pinterest Explosion Course (9 lessons)All the essentials you require to expand your blog through Pinterest.
Bonus: Time Hacking Secrets (4 lessons)Time is gold and this module shows effective strategies for optimizing your time.
Bonus: How to Get Paid as a BloggerShows different ways on how to earn as a blogger.
Bonus: Basic Blog Accounting and Tools to UseReady-to-use spreadsheets in Excel to monitor your business.
Bonus: How they 30x’d Monthly Earnings for a High-Ticket AffiliateThey let you in a secret. Actually, Tom and Anna had given away all their secrets through the Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator course.


How I Made my Blog Profitable through BFL

1. Finding Clarity

One of the course modules focused on establishing a clear vision for my blog’s future. With guidance on identifying a unique niche, creating a reader avatar, and setting realistic blogging goals, I gained clarity on how to make my blog stand out in the crowded digital landscape. If you’re like me who loves to write to process my thoughts and feelings, you may click here for more inspiration.

2. Mastering Affiliate Marketing

The course provided an in-depth exploration of affiliate marketing, unraveling the secrets and nuances of this revenue-generating strategy. Armed with their secret affiliate black book spanning various niches, I was equipped to monetize my blog effectively.

3. Unveiling the World of SEO

Navigating the complexities of SEO had been a challenge until the course laid out the dos and don’ts of on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and keyword research. This newfound knowledge propelled my blog’s visibility on search engines, attracting a broader audience.

4. Building Trust through Email Marketing

The module on email marketing was a game-changer, helping me construct a robust campaign that nurtured trust with my readers. I learned effective strategies for cultivating a loyal audience, an essential component in the journey to profitability.


What I Love About BFL

1. Lifetime Access

Your investment in BFL grants you lifetime access to all the modules listed above, ensuring you stay updated with any future enhancements. Unlike some other courses, there are no pesky monthly fees.

2. Roadmap Templates

Tom & Anna have designed the course with a special emphasis on user-friendliness. Fear and anxiety dissipate as you seamlessly follow the roadmaps and pitstops provided, making the learning journey incredibly smooth.

3. Ready-to-Use Excel Spreadsheets

Arguably the most valuable asset of this course, the various Excel sheets, or “Playbooks” as they call them, are indispensable tools for tracking your progress and managing your business effectively.

4. Affiliate Black Book

Tom & Anna’s generosity shines through with the inclusion of the Secret Affiliate Black Book. This invaluable resource assists you in keeping track and discovering new offers within your niche, a true game-changer for affiliate marketing.


With that, you too can earn by being a blog keeper. I am still not acknowledging the title of being a blogger for myself though I already ranked up on Google through Tom and Anna’s help. I am not a blogger. I am not a celebrity. I don’t have that much followers on social media. I am just an ordinary individual just like you. All I wanted was just to write to express myself and earn from doing so.

Now if I’m doing it, you too can! You don’t need a lot of followers on social media to earn while expressing yourself through your own blog.  Hop into Tom and Anna’s free training on the countless ways on how to earn and express your thoughts and feelings through writing by keeping a blog! 

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