Weeklong Sinulog Special: My Sinulog 2014 Experience

“Every time I hear the word “Sinulog”, I equate it with Cebu.  For only Cebu has this really big festivities every third Sunday of January of each year.  People from all over the Philippines and around the world visit Cebu just to celebrate this feast of the Sto. Niño.”

– Excerpt from The Queen City of the South – Cebu (My Adventures)

Years of Sinulog-ing haven’t died out in me yet.  In fact, it gets better, bigger, more exciting, and more fascinating to me each year!  Every year gives me different experiences, different companions, and different reasons.  And for this year, my Sinulog experience has been special due to the following:

Traveling Alone

Not that I haven’t traveled alone ever, but it was my first time to travel alone for Sinulog.  My parents and sister were not with me because they got scared of possible stormy seas due to the typhoon.  But thank God for giving me calm seas to and fro Cebu!

Queuing for Hot Water Since We Were Held at the Middle of the Sea to Make Way for the Fluvial Procession

Hearing Mass

As a non-Catholic Christian, I don’t participate in doing Catholic religious rites anymore.  But as my cousins and I passed by the Basilica after picking me up at the pier, I was enthralled to hear mass.  So after the longest time, I heard mass at the Basilica again!  But I didn’t worship the Sto. Niño.  It was still GOD to whom I prayed to.  And He paved the way in making my Cebu weekend getaway complete!

Mass at the Basilica after the Fluvial Procession

Loving the Weather

Due to the tropical depression, the whole of the Philippines is experiencing a cold weather now.  And it was also my first time to experience cold weather in Cebu.  In my years of stay and visits in Cebu, I never got cold though it would rain hard.  But as what I had prayed for, God did not let Mr. Sunshine radiate too much hotness and He did not let Mr. Raindrops to pour.  Instead, He gave us a chilly good atmosphere to roam around without the fuss of using an umbrella.

Outside the Basilica Complex

Shopping for Supplies

“Hitting two birds in one stone” – that has always been my life motto!  So to make my Cebu visit more sulit, I also shopped for supplies for the store.  We went to my fave place in the city, the Colon-Carbon shopping district where I can always find the cheapest wholesale prices of everything I need for my store.

We Owned the Streets!

Witnessing the Procession

If in the morning is the fluvial procession, in the afternoon is the procession around the city.  And we were more than privileged to welcome the original image of the Sto. Niño as it went out from the Basilica’s gate!  We were right there in front of the carriage just before the Sto. Niño roamed around Cebu.

Other Sto. Niño Images During the Procession (didn’t get the chance to take a photo of the original one)

Watching Fireworks

In my opinion, Cebu amazes me with grandiose fireworks next to Singapore!  My jaw still drops as I look up the sky, clap my hands, and says my “wow” in awe!  This just brings out the child in me.

Light Up the Sky at SM Cebu

DIY-ing my Sinulog Shirt

I recycled my 2007 Sinulog shirt!  I cut it myself and styled it myself!  I was super surprised with what I did!  I realized that I can be artistic at times too.  Hehe….

Watch Out for My Feature Friday Post this Week!

Getting a Henna

Since my parents were not with me, I got a henna tat!  Tattoo booths were just all around and for only 50 pesos, I got a moon and stars on my leg.  So why moon and why stars?  Well, this just symbolizes that time may not be ours yet, but someday…..

Wearing You on Sinulog Day!

Lunching with My Bestie

I skip lunch during Sinulogs since there are plenty of street food everywhere.  But this time, I had a decent lunch with one of my best friends who took effort in seeing me right after her escapade in Bora.  I was so touched that fresh from the airport, she met me and even walked me to the pier to send me off!

With Cherry Ann and Boyfie Francis

And so, that is just my first Sinulog 2014 story!  Watch out for more as I’ll do it a week long special this week! 🙂  For more photos, click here! So come and set your heart on fire for life again in Cebu!

Wanna visit Cebu to experience the exhilarating Sinulog Festival drum beats? Visit Sinulog Festival: How to Navigate the Philippines’ Grandest Mardi Gras for Sinulog Festival survival tips and recommendations.

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