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Just last night, I told my students that 90% of the worldwide web is junk with the intention of discouraging them to use the internet in their research.  For if they do, they can get confused with different numerical values of Physics constants.  Sources are just so irritating sometimes, misleading students to the wrong path to knowledge.  So it’s always far way too better to use books than to google.

But getting the most out of the internet can be a case to case basis.  Just like in my case, I’ve earned through the web, learned, get entertained, made known, and somehow, I have this tiny little space in the blogosphere from which I breathe.  So the internet is not 90% junk and I’m guilty for having said that last night.

Anyway, what I’m gonna share to you today are the travel apps I had downloaded for my trips in and out of the country.  These apps made my journeys to the unknown easier and more fun so here they are!

App #1:  Skyscanner

Book flight tickets from where you are to all over the world!  Skyscanner has a complete list of inter-island and international airlines to save you from the hassle.  Just enter where you’re from and where you’re going to with the dates of your trip.  Then you will be given all flights of different airlines sorted according to increasing prices.  Choose your flight then book.  It’ll only take you a few minutes depending on how fast your internet connection is.

sky scanner app

App #2:  Grab Taxi

If you’re about to visit Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, and Manila, download the Grab Taxi app beforehand.  Once you touchdowned, book your cab or any private car of your choice from SUV to limo.  Enter your pick-up point and drop-off point then you will be given the exact cost of your trip.  With this, you can prepare the exact amount and the taxi driver won’t charge you extra and that’s a guarantee.  Then you don’t have to queue for metered taxi outside the airport ‘coz the cab will instantly be right there waiting for you.  Additionally, it is also safe because taxis under grab are strictly monitored.

grab taxi app

App #3:  XE Currency

I had suggested to friends not to convert what they’re spending abroad into Philippine Peso once they’re already there ‘coz they won’t be having much fun calculating.  Because in my case, I always convert before buying things, entering attractions with fees, and eating which is both a headache and heartache to a kuripot person like me.  I even made a vow to myself not to convert anymore but I couldn’t help it ‘coz there are things that are worth buying without thinking and there are also things that are not worth buying even with thinking.  That’s why I downloaded XE Currency.  This app is always accurate and up-to-date with all the currencies in the world.  So I can’t go wrong in spending my money.

currency converter app

App #4:  Triposo

Whatever country you are, Triposo has a complete list of attractions, places to stay, places to eat, and how to get there tips.  It automatically detects your location so you can start with the place nearest you.  Aside from that, it also includes reviews from travelers all over the world so you can choose the best places first before the others.  Tour packages can also be booked with reasonable prices so you don’t have to go to a travel agency and just wait at your hotel’s lobby for your pick-up instead.

triposo travel app

App #5:  Map

Aside from Google Map, you can get a more detailed map by searching “<name of country> map”.  If you’re particular with what country you are, you can get more information even the littlest and discreet corner of a certain place.  If you download a map, you can also avoid the looks of the locals telling you that you’re a tourist with a handy map in phone than a big paper map making you look like Indiana Jones.

map app

All these apps are downloadable for free and can only take up a few bits of MB’s in your smart phone.  Hope you get some travel tips from this post.  Enjoy searching, enjoy looking, enjoy experiencing!  For to travel is to experience!  Watch out for more of #tosomtravels only here on The Other Side of Mae! 🙂

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