Hey, March!

I was always a beach kid like any other kids in the block!  I loved the sun, the sand, and the waves!  Although the whole siblings of my Papa drowned in a beach at the coastal Brgy. Maningcol which claimed the lives of his two little sisters, he still encouraged us to learn swimming.  So we did and still spend a day, swimming at Rama Beach.  But when I grew older and started to get conscious with my dark color, I refrained from spending a day in the waters.  Much more when science introduced oral glutathione, I tried it with the hope of getting fairer skin.  Then I stopped going out when the heat is on and eventually stopped swimming!

However, Philippines is home of the world’s most pristine beaches.  Foreigners come here just to enjoy our natural gem so why should I miss having fun with our beaches again?  So whenever there’s an opportunity, I again indulge in spending a day in the waters!  Who can resist our crystal blue water?  Who can resist our pure white sand?  Who can resist our virgin reefs and wide array of sea creatures?  I don’t wanna die without having a fill of myself with these beauts!

summer beaches philippines
So now that March is here, it’s already a signal for the start of another summer season!  Be giddy with excitement to spend some time in the beach!  We may not be a beach bum, but it’s only the season to don our sexy -kinis on!

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