#12daysto32 Day -3: Foot Spa Party at Ai Sui House of Beauty

And the celebrations continue!  There are still 15 more days before my birth month would end so make-the-most-out-of-it lang ang peg ng lola nyo!  It’s a great thing that my sissy is still in town to sponsor a foot spa party.  Hehe….  Scroll down below for photos of our fun-filled afternoon at Ai Sui House […]

“The Other Side of Mae” @ 3 Day 2: Got a Trim at Ai Sui House of Beauty

Sneaked into Ai Sui during lunch break to have my hair trimmed. FYI, I rarely visit salons because it’s a luxury for me. I don’t know but though it makes me feel good, I still don’t see the necessity into pampering myself in a salon at an expense. However, it’s The Other Side of Mae‘s […]