When Benjie Weds Annalyn

Walking down the aisle is every girl’s dream.  Finding “the one” is everyone’s life goal.  And I’m so happy for another friend of mine who realized and materialized both just last month on her wedding day! When Benjie weds Annalyn, every detail is planned accordingly. When Benjie weds Annalyn, everybody gets really excited! When Benjie […]

Tech Tuesday: Pinterest Fever

Tech Tuesday tells about the techie side of me! I’ve been sick for days with this fever-cough-all-stressed-out-cannot-be-explained-end-of-school-year kind of sickness I suffer annually!  I have been resting a lot but I haven’t skipped school and still did storekeeping.  But for a workaholic like me, I had sacrificed dropping my extra-curricular productive activities and resorted into too […]