#12daysto32 Day -18: A Day with the Chogs

And I’ll never get tired posting for my birth month!  It’s gonna end tomorrow, anyway!  I’m just overly elated that for this year, I had “somehow” celebrated with my chogs (My Adventures – Afternoon Delight) minus Jamie. Hey, we miss you in here! First stop was Ruth’s place where we had a sumptuous lunch prepared by her very […]

#12daysto32 Day -13: Wayback / Throwback / Flashback Debut

Then I reached day negative 13 of my #12daysto32 countdown!  Pagbigyan nyo na ang lola nyo #minsanlangto!  It’s still my birth month, y’ know.  Hehe….. So for today, I’ll be sharing to you, my dear readers a super #waybackwednesday, mega #throwbackthursday, and over #flashbackfriday post!  Fourteen years ago, I celebrated my 18th birthday this same last Saturday of […]

#12daysto32 Day -1: A Birthday Celebration at La Salle

And I reached Day -1 of my #12daysto32 countdown!  Well, this is just me.  Blame it to the “feeling celebrity” syndrome I have!  Always having a month-long birthday celebration, you know.  So for today, I celebrated with my LSU family! Thank you so much to Dr. Jovannie Castillo for leading the prayer!  Lol! And to Engr. Aldrich […]